Allen, Linlee. House Proud: Eclectic Home Goods From an Under-the-Radar L.A. Brand, Feb. 6

Inspired by SoCal desert landscapes, Cold War Brutalist Architecture and Marimekko product photography from the 1960s, Bari Ziperstein is one of those talented women with a name that sounds like a legendary comic book character. Having relocated from Chicago to Los Angeles in 2002, the CalArts graduate has since garnered a name for herself as one to watch. In between flexing the balance
of design and fine art if she’s not hard at work creating ceramic sculptures then its highly likely she’s multi-tasking amid the realms of her design line, the ultra-snappy sounding BZippy & Co. Here is where those in the know source Ziperstein’s iconic Brutalist Vases (now in their third production run as display pieces for J.Crew’s Ludlow stores around the world). Sealing the deal as my coupe de foudre however are the Victorian Bust Lamps, an edition of thirty fine art objects that are sold in pairs. “They’re hauntingly familiar but are violently punk in their surrealist attitude” she says. Encore! And what’s interesting to observe now are the ways in which her work is entering yet another creative dimension following the birth of her first child. “Time in my studio is now more sacred, pointless and precious as through a sleep-deprived haze I’m starting to imagine new forms, concepts and identities.” Here’s to more in that case as 2015 translates as a solo exhibition in September, more public art proposals plus an appearance in New York later this month as she debuts a Homeware and Accessories line at Capsule. Be there!
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